Choosing the materials for a needlepoint project is simple compared to starting on other styles of stitching The appropriate canvas , threads, needle and frame are you need to consider.  

Where do you get your canvas ?  For the beginner I would go to a Craft Store as Michael's,  or Joanne's or in our own store where you can sometimes find vintage canvases.  You can find a simple needlepoint canvas with everything you need except the frame. Do you worry about a frame when you first start. Most people happily stitch without a frame A frame stiffens the canvas to prevent distortion. Good quality canvas is coated with potato starch ( Who knew ! )The canvas is usually white or ecru. 

Most needlepoint is worked in wool threads or cotton floss. The cotton floss is usually from a company called DMC. You need good quality threads or yarns unless you are experienced. 6 strand cotton floss is most typically used. I use cotton floss with wool to work highlights and other decorative stitches One of the most versatile and widely used yarns is Persian type wool yarn. This comes with some high-end kits from various companies.  Silk thread can be used but expensive and not widely available. 

Choose a simple kit. Look at the threads that are included. A needle is usually included.  Let's start stitching

The needlepoint Lady in Paris was done by me 2 years ago. It took 3 months to complete. I usually work on 3-4 canvases at a time

Until tomorrow...

Happy stitching