March 28, 2022 WAFFLE STITCH

I have been writing daily  health , medicine and herb blogs since March 2010. For this Old Aquintances Blog I will be discussing different needlepoint stitches, certain books I have in my Needlepoint Library and promoting some needlepoint stores to buy canvases and shop. From time to time I will put some canvases on sale that are not done. I have acquired unfinished canvases over the last 15 years.

One of my favorite needlepoint stores is KC Needlepoint ( ) Recently I purchased small canvases which I do on my daily train ride from Connecticut into New York City  From their website i found a simple stitch which you can try as a border on any canvas

Until tomorrow...Happy Stitching 

Diamond Waffle Stitch is a fun variation that can be used on any diamond area on your canvas. 


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