April 19, 2022 NEEDLEWORK

Needlework is one of mankind’s oldest art forms. It dates back to Exodus in the Bible. Stitch work has been found in the tombs of Egypt dating back to the 15th century. It came into its own art form in the 12th century in China. Due to technological advances and machinery, it suffered as an art form. It was not until the early 19th century that needle work had its revival.

About 26 years ago, I realized I needed to find a hobby to idle my tension. I was in Florida walking on Los Olas Boulevard when I passed a store that had needlepoint designs in the window. I decided right then to start needle pointing. I went in the store and asked the owner Joan She  who paints her own designs to quickly show me a stitch. I easily remembered from watching countless hours of my mother and grandmother stitching while sitting in the living room. I bought my first needlepoint, an Orchid Floral .
This past weekend I went to Vero Beach Florida to visit family I found a needlepoint store. They were open for the holiday weekend. The owner was delightful; The store is called Seaside Needlepoint (www.seasideneedlepoint.com ) I bought 7 new canvases. I have more than 100 canvases at home, but you always need a new one

I find needlepoint to be one of the most rewarding hobbies you will ever undertake. Not only does it fill the hours and relax you, but it also provides you with a finished product in which you can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. It also makes excellent birthday and holiday gifts for loved ones.
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Happy Stitching ...