April 23, 2022 Needlepoint Books: Ehrman

Through the years I have collected many needlepoint books. One of the books I have collected is The Ehrman Needlepoint Book by Hugh Ehrman. It was published by Reader's Digest. One of my patients gave me many of her needlepoint books which I use regularly for new patterns and new designs . You can also buy needlepoint kits by Ehrman. It can be for a starter stitcher, but some are very complex with colors. The thread is not thread but wool. You have to be comfortable working with wool.

Through the years I have done many Ehrman Needlepoint Kit. Most if not, all were given to family members and friends as gifts.

I love the Floral section and The Liner section in the book. It is hard to believe that this book was published in 1995. It seems like yesterday. I started stitched in 1996

Happy Stitiching