February 14, 2022 Our Website

The year is 1943 The film is " Old Acquaintance" The character of Kit Marlowe ( Bette Davis) returns to her hometown to lecture as a newly successful author and to meet her dear childhood friend/ rival Millie ( Miriam Hopkins ) The friends have distinctly opposite personalities, Kit is witty perceptive, wry and calm, while Millie is intense, self-involved and histrionic. Together they embark on a journey that changes both of their lives.

After watching this movie my best friend and I started to embark on our own journey. We call it " Old Acquaintances" in recognition of the movie we loved.

It is a website where our own creative hobbies can be shown to you. Each of us has our own distinct hobbies: One does quilting, while the other does needlepoint. Both have been collecting antiques and vintage items for years in their respective homes. Both are also beekeepers.

So we decided to create a web site where we can sell our quilts, needlepoints, antiques/Bric a brac and products of our beehive. The products of our beehive are in our Apothecary. The apothecary is affiliated with Botanical Bounty in New York CIty. 

We hope you enjoy our creative hobbies